"Truly independent and professional investment advice is the absolutely most important thing when it comes to your money."


Prospera-Invest Vermögensverwaltung AG offers you professional, independent and transparent financial services that are precisely tailored to your needs and free of any conflicts of interest.

  We focus solely on your financial well-being

  We manage your assets as we invest our own

  We protect your assets and build them up for the long term

  We can take advantage of opportunities in any market situation and adequately manage the risks

  We do not sell any financial products or receive any payments from third parties


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What makes Prospera-Invest so unique

Prospera-Invest was founded in 2017 and since then has steadily expanded its activities in the areas of Wealth Management and Financial Advisory. Most recently, the merger with Chevrolet Consulting GmbH also markedly strengthened our know-how in the areas of Pension Planning and Vested Benefits Investment Solutions.

At Prospera-Invest, we are deeply convinced that asset management and advice should not only be professional but, above all, independent.

We represent the interests of our customers. We know from our many years of experience: The investment advisors at the banks are only measured by the income they generate for the bank.

We, on the other hand, look after a manageable number of customers, so we can concentrate entirely on you. We won the majority of our customers on the recommendation of existing, satisfied customers.

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