Pension & Taxes

Make the Right Provisions and save Taxes at the same Time!

  • When changing or losing a job

    Your pension fund assets will normally be transferred to the new employer's pension fund. Before you do that, you should split your capital into two separate vested benefits accounts. This results in enormous tax savings when you draw the benefits later. We accompany you through the administrative jungle.

  • Emigrate, the right way

    If you leave Switzerland permanently and are / were affiliated with a pension fund, you can withdraw your pension fund assets or transfer them to a vested benefits solution.

    Withholding tax is due on withdrawal. These are not based on your residential domicile, but on the domicile of the pension fund, resp. vested benefits foundation. We cooperate with foundations domiciled in the canton with the lowest withholding taxes in Switzerland. Tax savings of over 50% are possible.

    If, on the other hand, you would like to continue investing your pension fund assets profitably, you can do so using our cost-effective vested benefits solutions.

Pension Fund & Vested Benefits

Change/Loss of Job

Leaving Switzerland